Why you may be losing 65% of the Business ?

if you had to choose between two businesses, one with id brightcameras@gmail.com and the other with id raj@brightcameras.com. Which one would you choose?.

Statistics indicate, there is a 65% chance that a consumer will pick a
professional email id over someone with a free email account. As per a
Verisign survey, 65 percent of consumers believe that a company branded
email is more credible than a free email account.

Though you may feel that this is not necessary and you could continue
with personal email, think how big a difference it makes when you win or
lose just one customer to your competitor

Out in the open world, this competitive market, it is all about building
credibility, reliability and trustability. Positioning your brand in a
professional manner is the first step to stand out from others.

Here is what your customers feel about a professional email.

– Instant Confidence
– Right First Impression
– Responsibile
– Reliabile and
– Trustable

It is not difficult to get started,

Google offers you a professional business account called G Suite. G Suite is simply said, a business version of Gmail with added features and more space.

Here is what you get with G Suite

– Professional Email with your company / domain name
– Adequate storage-30GB. Double of what you get with free gmail
– Access emails from your mobile or any device any time.
– Advertisement-free email service.
– Protection from Spam
– Access from Outlook
– Technical Support 24/7
– Information secure even after a team member leaves
– Apps to connect & collaborate
– Drive,Hangouts,Shared Calendar and more

Why Us ?

Inarvo is a Google partner, providing G Suite solutions for over 3
years now. We have many happy customers, which includes many reputed
business names.

We will help you with

– Complete Setup
– Create Email Users
– Migrate your existing mail
– Setup Outlook
– basically work as an extended team for any support.

G Suite Pricing

G Suite has three plans G Suite Basic, G Suite Business and G Suite Professional. Complete pricing details here..

Ready to try it out ?

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