What is G Suite

G Suite is GMail for Business, Google Docs, Google Drive and other applications bundled together to meet your business needs.

Google Suite apps include apps for

  • Collaboration where teams can work seamlessly and in real time.
  • Connect to your team members and clients on Hangouts Chat and Hangouts meet.

Check out the complete list of Google Suite apps here.

What is G Suite for small businesses

If you are a professional or have a small business, your G Suite usage will be mainly email that is what would think. But there are lot of ways you can use G Suite in your business. We will show you how G Suite can be helpful in your business.

As per a survey conducted by McKinsey Global Institute an average employee spends about 2.6 hrs on email per day. Considering that you are a professional / businessman 2.6 hours per day is definitely a lot of time and reducing this time any bit will go a long way in your business.

With Google’s AI and machine learning built into G Suite, lets see how G Suite Mail is trying to reduce the time spent on emails.

  • Focus on your business and never get distracted by Social Media promotions, Spams, Ads or phishing attacks.
  • G Suite ensures about 99.9% of spam do not reach your inbox.
  • Access attachments without going to the inbox.

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