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We will help you with domain setup, create users, migrate users, configure users and manage G Suite for you. Completely Free.

G Suite payment issues ?

In case you are facing issues with G Suite payment via your debit or credit card, feel free to contact us on +91-89717 88885 and we will support you..

G Suite Account Suspended issues ?

Some of the legacy free G Suite account holders face this account suspended for no apparent reason. In some cases this may be due to failed login attempts.Try logging with your admin account and activate the suspended account. If you still need help please reach us out on +91-89717 88885

G Suite account setup issues: Domain and MX records ?

Setting up G Suite account involves the following steps
    1.  Verify your Domain
    2.  Setup MX Records
    3.  Setup Users
    4.  Enable or disable Google apps
    5. Chose Billing and start using.
      Though it is simple to setup G Suite, some may face problem while verifying domain  or while adding MX Records. Resolution would be to manually setup domain or MX records. If its too much technical for you, call us on +91-89717 88885 and we will be happy to do it for you.

Problem importing mails to G Suite

You can migrate mails from Yahoo small business, personal GMail account, Microsoft, Godaddy, or other. G Suite has a migration tool that helps you do this. You will require mail server details and in some cases some settings on your old server as well.  Save yourself the trouble, call us on +91-89717 88885 and we will ensure migration of all your earlier mails.

G Suite Problems with Outlook, Apple Mac Mail or other Mail client

Outlook or other mail client configuration involves
  • Enable POP / IMAP in your G Suite account
  • Configuring Outlook for Outgoing and incoming servers
    Usual problem with Outlook is that it asks for password again and again. Solution may include creating a new outlook profile or generating an app password or other. Call us on +91-8971788885 we will find out whats causing the issue and sort it out for you.

Not receiving mails on G Suite

This could be due to your domain expiry or may be due to account suspension. Login to your admin console and you may be able to figure it out. In case you need help resolving this call us on +91-8971788885

Problem sending mails to groups in G Suite

This may be due to group access level settings. If others outside your domain are unable to send to your group then check if you have allowed others outside the domain to post to the group. It should be selected. If your G Suite Groups problem is different ?, reach us on +91-8971788885, we will resolve it for you.
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