G Suite - Gmail for Business

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If you are yet to decide on G Suite – Gmail for Business, you will find enough details here to help you make a decision.
In case you have already decided then, you have 3 plans to chose from

G Suite Basic

Professional office suite with 30GB storage
₹210 /user/month

G Suite Business

More features and unlimited storage
₹714 /user/month

G Suite Enterprise

Premium service with advanced capabilities
₹1650 /user/month

First thing First, double the storage

With a Gsuite basic plan, you get about 30Gb double of what you get with free Gmail. In case you need more storage, then you have the option of G Suite Business that gives you unlimited cloud storage (or 1 TB per user for fewer than 5 users )

You won't lose a single mail when you migrate to G Suite

Be it a personal account(like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff) or mail account from another service provider like GoDaddy, Microsoft or other from hosting provider, all your emails can be migrated to the G Suite account. You also have the flexibility to pick and chose the folders that you want to be migrated.
In case you want to migrate emails of your entire team/employees that is also taken care of in a similar fashion.

Work Seamlessly on your Mobile and other devices even when offline

With settings to work in the offline mode, continue to work on your important emails even when you lose Wi-fi connection. Once enabled you can read emails or compose emails while offline. Messages you send are stored in an outbox and get sent once you are back online.

Configure G Suite on Outlook or Mac Email client

If outlook or mac email client is what you are comfortable with, then we can configure G Suite to work with your favourite mail client. (In case you are trying to do this on your own and unable to get it working call us on + 91 89717 88885 and we will get that sorted)
If you have multiple team members or employees then the following will be of interest to you.

Employee leaves, Your corporate & confidential Data is still secure

With mobile management admin controls and proper governing policy employees leaving with corporate and confidential data/emails on their devices is no longer a problem. You will have admin controls – to wipe data remotely. – Stop their access to mail. – Revoke all facebook/twitter or other app login tokens. – Forward or route their emails to another mail id and – Move their data to another account and delete their id.

Separate Group Emails for your departments, Free.

In case you have several departments like accounts, sales, marketing, support then you can create group email ids for each department and add members of the department to their respective group email id. This way emails addressed to this group is sent to every member of the group for their attention or action. This comes in as a free feature without any additional cost. 

Collaborative environment

G Suite provides apps and features that create a collaborative environment and make us more productive in our business. With Hangout video, chat real-time co-editing a document, spreadsheet or presentation collaboration is so much easier. A versioning system on top of this makes it even more convenient. Team Goals can be achieved sooner.

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G Suite - Gmail for Business

To Start Your 30 day Free Trial, call now..
Mention IS0019 to get a discount

Some interesting features that are awesome. 

Your contacts can recall your email id easily with the Alias feature

In some companies, there is a general practice to have a first name and last name in their email id like this firstname.lastname@yourcompany.com which may be difficult to spell out to your potential clients. Alias feature allows you to create multiple aliases like firstname@yourcompany.com or shortname@yourcompany.com. This will make it easy for you to share it with a potential client at a business gathering. Short names will have a high recall you which ensures you don’t miss out on business. 

Rebranding or changing website domain with Domain alias, mails are at your inbox.

If you happen to change your website domain or rebrand or have another url for your company with Domain alias we make sure all these emails end up at a single inbox. Call us on  + 91 89717 88885 and we will enable this for your business.
Now, thats a lot of features. You can find more resources at Google’s G Suite link here . Ready to try it out ?

G Suite - Gmail for Business

To Start Your 30 day Free Trial, call now..
Mention IS0019 to get a discount
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